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What is the Callthrough rate?
The Callthrough rate is a discount rate for calling practically every country with a fixed minute price of 14 cents*. No registration is necessary. There is no base fee or hidden costs.

* landline price 14 ct/min, mobile telephone max. price 42 ct/min
How does it work?
You simply dial 0180 500 88 55* and wait for the message. Then enter the country code, area code and the telephone number.

* landline price 14 ct/min, mobile telephone max. price 42 ct/min
Does the rate work when calling from abroad?
No, currently the rate only works when you are in Germany.
Which network do I need in order to use the Callthrough rate?
The rate works with all mobile phone networks and landline connections.
Which countries can I call using this rate?
Please look at our rate overview for the rates of available countries.
How is the call charged when using this rate?
The calls are charged (per min, per sec, etc.) according to the network provider which makes the connection.
Do I have to make a written contract in order to use the Callthrough rate with MEGA Communications GmbH?
No.Your contractual partner is only the network provider which establishes the connection.
Do I need to consider anything regarding the billing?
No. The billing is done by your network provider.
The mobile telephone provider or the network provider direct debits my account. Do I need to consider anything?
No. Your network provider will take care of everything.
Can I also transfer directly to MEGA Communications GmbH?
No. This rate can only be billed by your network provider.
What exactly is a so-called telephone carrier or third party carrier?
A so-called local exchange carrier (LEC) or third party carrier is an operator of local area networks which the carrier includes in his network and in doing so, provides telephone connections. Usually these carriers market directly to the subscribers and act as telephone companies. Local exchange carriers (LEC) are e.g., 1&1, Alice, Arcor, HanseNet, NetCologne, Unity Media, Versatel, etc..

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