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What is the wefon rate?
The wefon rate is a credit-based service. It offers the greatest flexibility and independence. Beyond that it contains useful additional functions. Registration is required for this rate. You do not need to change your providers. There are no base fees or hidden costs.
How does the rate work?
Just like call by call, you dial a number to access our network. Because the mobile telephone carriers and local exchange carriers (LEC) have not activated classic call by call codes, we have set up network access over a free phone number or a geographical carrier access code. The mobile telephone carriers do not charge the calls made using our network and that is why we must bill our customers ourselves. The simplest way is the prepaid method. This method is also usual when using calling cards. The wefon rate works the same way.
When does wefon charge points?
Only when the connection to the desired contact has been established.
Why are there two carrier access code numbers?
We provide two numbers so that you can, depending on the circumstances, choose the most favourable connection rate and are still able to use our service when no connection costs must be incurred.
When do I select the geographical access (0211 92 32 9000) and when the Free Phone access (0800 800 82500)?
Basically, the geographical access 0211 92 32 9000 is cheaper. If you dial 0800 800 82500, then we must take over the costs for your call with our network. We add these costs to the rate. If you, e.g., receive free minutes in your mobile phone contract or have a Germany-wide flat rate with your landline provider, you can use these in order to dial into our service using 0211 92 32 9000 without any connection costs. The free phone number 0800 800 82500 however can be used everywhere where no low cost access over 0211 92 32 9000 is available, if applicable, with a mobile telephone prepaid card.
Which network do I need in order to use the wefon rate?
The rate works with all mobile phone networks and landline connections.
What are points, what do they cost and which minute packages are available?
We charge calls using points. A point is the equivalent of a cent. The minute rate for the different countries can be found under the menu item "Rate overview".

You can purchase points in packages at our external payment provider. The following packages are available:

For 10.00 Euros, you'll get a credit of 1,000 points.
For 19.60 Euros, you'll get a credit of 2,000 points.
For 29.10 Euros, you'll get a credit of 3,000 points.
For 47.50 Euros, you'll get a credit of 5,000 points.
Do I receive an invoice if I purchase a point package?
Yes, after your purchase is completed, you will receive an email with a receipt.
Will my points expire?
Your points remain in your account as long as you use wefon at least once during a thirteen-month period. If you do not use wefon for a period of thirteen months, we will close your account and your remaining points will expire.
Do I need a PIN?
No, after registering, we recognize you based on your telephone number. The service only works with the connections that are registered.
How is a call charged when using the wefon rate?
Calls are charged at minutes intervals (60/60) on every rate.
How do I receive an itemised bill?
The itemised bill is available at our customer centre. Login with your user data and click on the "Point account" in the wefon menu.
How do i view my balance?
You can view your balance via our Customer centre at www.wefon.de at any time.
How do i recharge my account?

You can recharge your account at any at our customer centre. Payment processing is handled by our external payment service MEGA bill, to which you will be forwarded automatically by clicking the button 'buy points'.

Accepted payment-methods are: Paypal, giropay ClickandBuy, Sofortüberweisung, credit-card, debit, EPS or pay in advance.

Can I recharge my account automatically?
Yes, you can recharge your credit points automatically. Just click the button 'automatic recharge' at our customer centre. You can activate or deactivate this option at anytime.
My bank details have changed. How do i edit it?
You can change your bank data during the transaction to MEGA bill by yourself.
If I register a new user account and have credits on another account, will the latter balance expire?
No. If you open a new user account and you wish to transfer your balance, please contact our customer support at the service hotline 02131 - 31 36 555. Your existing balance can then be transferred to the new account free-of-charge. Please have your customer number and personal password ready.
What exactly is a so-called telephone carrier or third party carrier?
A so-called local exchange carrier (LEC) or third party carrier is an operator of local area networks which the carrier includes in his network and in doing so, provides telephone connections. Usually these carriers market directly to the subscribers and act as telephone companies. Local exchange carriers (LEC) are e.g., 1&1, Alice, Arcor, HanseNet, NetCologne, Unity Media, Versatel, etc..
Calling german service numbers

Customers with a german mobile phone or landline can now call german service numbers via wefon. Especially if you are using a mobile, calling via wefon can give you huge savings because providers charge up to 42 cents/minute when you call from a mobile.

wefon can offer its customers tariffs from 7 ct./min. with immediate effect. You can find individual tariffs in the tariff summary:

To call these numbers dial your access number and then the required service call number.


Still have questions?

You can find most of the answers to your questions at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you can't find the answer, write us at: info@wefon.de
or call us at: 02131 - 31 36 555

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